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Linear park under transmition lines.
São Paulo, Brazil
team Laura Sobral, Luís Pompeo, Luiz Florence, Marcos Rosa, Pedro Pereira, Ricarda Hartmann, Silvia Acar, Stella Da Dalt

        Linear park is project to be deployed in urban areas crossed by power lines. Developed with extensive team of assistants and social workers, the project aims to create guidelines for intervention in urban voids generated by high-voltage lines, especially in areas deprived of public spaces and leisure facilities. As it is forbidden to build regular buildings under the high voltage power lines, they remain urban voids in the middle of the totally occupied periferic areas, havig enormous potential of organizing space and connecting such a chaotic the territory.
        From an excerpt with a broad range of factors, such as topography, access and mobility, is proposed a series of interventions starting from simple tools that can be rearranged according to the situation and opportunity. To exemplify such combinations were chosen four types of situations, which were developed for the project.

net of high tension lines all over the Metropolitan Region of São Paulo

the scars on the tissue left by the high tension lines - such high density areas, with no current  use for the left green spaces.

University of São Paulo


toolset developed to be able to respect the building rescrittion in the areas, but still providing diverse uses and community facilities

University of São Paulo

campus - Butantan

University of São Paulo


University of São Paulo


University of São Paulo


implementation phases and the four situations chosen

large slopes, fertile land and clean:
garden terraces, with biking and big stairs, "escadão".

a flatter region towards the line and steep in the transversal direction: public squares for meeting and leisure.

near several poles against existing and great movement: sports court and library

near the school and with slopes that provide good shields to skate, the park entrance is supposed to house larger events.

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